About Us

Impresa Tre Colli S.p.A. founded at the beginning of the seventies, joins the experiences of its partners in the execution and excavation of ground handling.

For many years, Impresa Tre Colli S.p.A., incorporated in 1971, has worked prevalently in excavation and ground handling to build industrial pipelines, particularly oil pipelines, gas pipelines and water pipelines.

Reliability and consistency being recognized as important by its customers has permitted Impresa Tre Colli S.p.A. to expand its activity also in the work of mechanic assembly to realize completely gas pipelines and oil pipelines with relevant compression plants and pumping plants.

Thanks to the technical, financial and operational capability demonstrated, IMPRESA TRE COLLI is qualified for the execution of Public Works by the company "La Soatech Organismo di Attestazione S.p.A.", as per
attached statement.

These experiences have enabled an internal operative structure to develop with a quick available service, to execute maintenance works and emergency works on pipeline networks for the major Italian petroleum
companies (ENI , ERG , Shell etc.) as well as for other operators of high international standing (NATO), allowing Impresa Tre Colli S.p.A. to be the first national operator in this business area.

From 1988 it has been registered as a "Regular Member" in the International Pipe Line & Offshore Contractors Association.

To diversify and extend its activity in other sectors of construction, Impresa Tre Colli S.p.A. introduced and started in 1980 a new plant to produce, according to the most advanced technologies, structures and
elements in normal and prestressed reinforced concrete for civil and industrial buildings, sports facilities, great roads and highways.

The annual turnover of Impresa Tre Colli S.p.A. is based for approximately 80% in oil & gas market, both in excavation, transport and laying of pipelines, than in the operations and maintenance of these works.